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We’re matching, funding and guiding the best and brightest from Rotterdam and Delft. 

Graduate Entrepreneur is an initiative of TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and a group of well-established, successful alumni and ran by students and a professional Fundmanager. It unites the startup ecosystem: connecting all existing organizations in Delft & Rotterdam.

We believe in the innovative power of young people.

At Graduate Entrepreneur young entrepreneurs are at the center of everything we do. Why? Because we believe you will shape the future for the better! Ambitious? You bet!
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On the 8th of April we officially launched Graduate Entrepreneur! We celebrated this with a virtual launch event, where Michiel Muller (founder Picnic) speaks with initiators and presidents of the three universities. Check out the teaser below!

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Helping you grow, Every step of the way.

Your road to success will not be a walk in the park. While it may start with a clever idea, the best thing is to gradually build up your knowledge. Your network. Your funding. And: your confidence.

Helping you grow, Every step of the way.

Your road to success will not be a walk in the park. While it may start with a clever idea, the best thing is to gradually build up your knowledge. Your network. Your funding. And: your confidence.

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Technical skills from Delft paired with commercial skills from Rotterdam create matches made in heaven. Graduate Entrepreneur creates a collaborative community where multidisciplinary teams will come to life and thrive.

But there is more! You can meet some of the most established business builders and leaders, willing to help you find and maneuver your path to success.

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Forget about the bank – we know you’re worth the money. The funds to make an idea tangible. To fabricate a prototype. To do a feasibility study. Or to register a patent before anyone else does.

Got a brilliant idea? Then we can provide the money to get you started, help you accelerate, take off and eventually: fly!

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Buckle up for an exciting ride!

We have a lot going for you.
Think events. Masterclasses. A mentoring network. Awards to accelerate your business. It’s all within easy reach, concentrated within a single hub. Only for the lucky ones: students, recent graduates, and faculty staff from TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC.

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Explore our network

check out our network 

Benno van Dongen

Senior Partner at Roland Berger

Sandro van Hellenberg Hubar

Co-founder Xindao

Frans Haafkens

Founder i4hi

Machtelt Groothuis

Co-founder Rubio Impact Ventures

Frans van Houten

CEO Philips

Mick Mackaay

Principal HenQ Capital Partners

Willem Vermeulen

CEO De Vermeulen Groep

Menno Antal

Non Executive Director Action & Egeria

Gijs van Lookeren Campagne

Founder Easy2Pay

Ruben Verkuijl

Founder Interim Valley

Diederik van Styrum

Co-founder Xindao

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Chairman Executive Board
These companies all received funding and coaching to take the next step.
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We want our future generation to be leaders, not just followers. And I believe everybody can be a leader by their example and how they conduct and comport themselves. Let’s teach these future leaders examples of the accomplished leaders in our network.
Frank Slootman
Chairman and CEO of Snowflake
“Did I make a lot of mistakes as an entrepreneur? You bet I did! It’s one big learning process. I think it’s very rewarding to shield fresh start ups from making the same mistakes and guide them to make the right decisions along the way."
Michiel Muller
Co-founder Picnic
"I am convinced that diverse teams have superpowers! Something I have experienced first hand. There is so much diverse talent in the international student community in Delft and Rotterdam - I can’t wait to hear the pitches and meet the next generation world changing entrepreneurs!"
Machtelt Groothuis
Founder Rubio Impact Ventures
“You are who you know, as the saying goes. But recent graduates at Delft and Rotterdam don’t have a network in the business community. As alumni we built our networks over our entire careers and are willing to share it with every student we support. Maybe that’s even worth more than the money…”
Sandro van Hellenberg Hubar
Co-founder Xindao
Simply a good idea or a clever technical innovation gets you nowhere. You need some commercial instinct and business skills as well. That’s why I really believe in students from Delft and Rotterdam teaming up together. I expect to see some matches made in heaven!
Hans van Ierland
Founder HPE Growth
In the US over fifty percent of the start-ups grow into successful business, while we are stuck below twenty percent at present. This has to change. We have to step up our game and work together to create a far more productive entrepreneurial environment.
Menno Antal
Non Executive Director Action & Egeria