A unique combination of alumni, students and professionals

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals and ambitious students work together daily, committed to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. We are supported by our alumni network, who generously contribute their time and expertise.

Fund management

Highly experienced professionals with startup and investing expertise manage our organization and seed fund.

Auke van den Hout

Managing partner

Julia Knoeff

Development manager

Reinier Meurs

Investment manager

Eva Post

Investment manager Pre-seed

Sem Foreman


Nienke Roef


Daan Keizer

Finance Director

Hidde Goslings


Student board

Our student board leads our pre-seed fund operations and brings a fresh, approachable outlook.

Boaz van Lith

Daan van Buitenen

Elsa Janssen

Jan Domhof

Ole Dorhout Mees

Robin Jackson

Rozanne Corsten

Sophie Janssen

Tessa Huijsinga

Our backers

At the core of Graduate Entrepreneur are alumni who founded this initiative, having walked in your shoes, and are now eager to give back.

Founding Alumnus

You have to be the biggest optimist that life can be because you have to wake up every morning and say yes I can do this! But you also have to wake up every night and be scared shitless of what can go wrong.

Foundin Alumnus

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce elementum sapien non lacus facilisis”

Founding Alumnus

Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid to miss the opportunity.

Founding Alumnus

Start your business for the right reason, not money or ego. Show great leadership interaction. I love straightforward, professional, passionate, purpose-driven team-players.

Founding Alumnus

Having the right team in place is the key to success!

Founding Alumnus

Investing in your vision isn’t about predicting the future, but building it. Stay resilient, adaptable, and remember: the best returns come from the risks few dare to take.

Founding Alumnus

1. Get the right people on your team 2. It's all about learning fast. 3. Customers, customers, customers!

Founding Alumnus

Make sure that in your business plan your product is not only well defined, but also think of how to sell it. Who is my client and how will I reach that client?

Founding Alumnus

Eline founded MedTech scale-up NightBalance in 2009 with a new therapy for sleep apnea. Currently, she is the CEO of Hybridize Therapeutics.

Founding Alumnus

Surround yourself with diverse people, be flexible to adapt your plans and just go for it!

Our mission and values

We empower alumni to become world-changing entrepreneurs

We offer early-stage startup capital, a strong network of accomplished entrepreneurs, and mentorship to help build innovative companies driving positive societal change.

We aim to foster a collaborative community of entrepreneurs who learn and grow together.


We enable entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, providing the necessary resources for success.


We create a culture of openness and approachability, where entrepreneurs can easily access the support they need.


We believe in the power of community. We facilitate events where alumni and founders meet to share and connect.


We are firm believers in equal opportunities for all, regardless of background or gender, and ensuring fair access to entrepreneurship.

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