Meet the changemakers

We partner with the best Delft and Rotterdam alumni, supporting their business journey every step of the way.


Workwize, a procurement platform for home office supplies, offers customization for employees, transparency for employers, and effortless revenue generation for suppliers.


Loop's Living Cocoon, a mycelium-based coffin, efficiently 'composts' bodies, removes toxins, and enriches soil for the growth of new trees and plants.

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What our founders say

"Graduate Entrepreneur is so much more than funding; it provided me with the vital connections and mentors to grow my company."

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam
Co-founder & CEO QuantWare

"I started out getting funding from Graduate's pre-seed fund and it's great that we were able to continue our relationship through a follow-on investment from the seed fund."

Michiel Meyer
Co-founder & CEO Workwize