January 17, 2023

Our new Pre-Seed investment: Authic Labs

We are excited to announce our co-investment in Authic Labs together with Rockstart!

The Amsterdam-based startup Authic Labs enables companies to create unique marketing experiences using NFTs. They offer a no-code platform for brands and organizations from various industries (like art, fashion, gaming or sports) to create and sell digital collectibles on their own website. Authic Labs offers customizable design options and also integrates a wide variety of payment options besides the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies.  


Through their B2B SaaS offering, Authic has become a leader in the growing field of Web3 solutions for consumer engagement. They have helped their clients to create new revenue streams, build immersive loyalty programs, and attract new audiences using cutting-edge technology. Authic is excited to continue exploring the potential of NFTs and other Web3 technologies to revolutionize the way that businesses engage with their customers and fans. The company recently won the Dutch Blockchain Award 2022.


Founders Wouter, Lemar and Tat have the ambition to make Web3 accessible for all companies and to disruptively change the way companies engage with their clients. Founder Wouter Kloosterman comments, “We believe that Web3 can only become accessible to everyone once we have made the technology behind it invisible”.

This funding round marks an important milestone for the company, which has experienced rapid growth since its founding in February of 2022. The funding from Rockstart and Graduate Entrepreneur will be used to expand their tech team and increase marketing and advertising campaigns, whilst also enhancing their product offering.


We are looking forward to working together with Authic Labs on their journey to the leading white-label NFT platform in the Benelux and beyond!

For more information about Authic, check out their website: https://authic.io/