July 12, 2021

Our FIRST investments

Meet our first investments and a small why we are investing! We are extremely excited to partner up with these awesome companies and look forward to our journey ahead! 

Fltr: Thijs van de Poll (co-founder Focus), Martijn Vinke (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Jard van Ingen (co-founder Focus), Femke Lückerath (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)


About Focus:

Focus is an AI company that predicts if, and when, new technologies will disrupt existing markets. With Focus’ AI models, companies get crucial insight into the future technological landscape, enabling them to make better investment decisions.    

Why we are investing:

Technology plays an important role in the strategy of companies. Yet, determining which technologies will become dominant in the future is extremely difficult. Focus offers a solution with state-of-the-art AI models that can quantify technological improvement speeds, enabling companies to peek into the future and strategize better.

Founders Jard & Thijs have shown tremendous traction with their company and already received positive validation from the market. We are highly confident that this amazing team will expand their activities and grow over the coming months. This investment round, funded by Graduate Entrepreneur and a group of business angels, will enable them to do so.

Fltr: Roel Bloys, Joost van Suijlekom, Bart Buurma (co-founders Clickdrive), Robin de Pender and Koen Kessels (dealteam)


About Clickdrive:

Clickdrive is a data-driven marketplace platform for driving lessons, where students can compare, choose, and book their instructor(s) in three clicks in a trusted, safe, and transparent environment.

Why we are investing:

We believe Clickdrive is a perfect fit for Graduate Entrepreneur. Clickdrive offers a disruptive, transparent, flexible, and efficient solution for the driving school industry. The government and the industry acknowledge issues in the current outdated industry for both students and instructors. Clickdrive already passed the MVP phase and has a highly functioning platform, with massive traction. Clickdrive has one of the strongest and diverse entrepreneurial teams we have seen so far. These facts, in combination with a highly preferred first mover advantage in Europe, we are more than happy to play a part in their journey. Graduate Entrepreneur’s investment and coaching will help Clickdrive optimize the app/platform, accelerate marketing and sales, and become a leading player in the driving school industry.

Fltr: Robin de Pender (dealteam), Viktor Dik (co-founder Workwize), Sebastiaan Scholten and Michiel Meyer (co-founder Workwize), Boyang Pan (dealteam). Missing: Dirk Kranendijk (co-founder Workwize)


About Workwize:

Workwize is a procurement platform for home office supplies. Its platform empowers employees with the choice of customization, offers full transparency for the employer, and helps suppliers create new revenue streams effortlessly.

Why we are investing:

Workwize was born to support and accelerate the transition to a hybrid work environment and the company is a perfect example of the innovativeness and boldness of young individuals. Sebastiaan, Michiel, Victor and Dirk decided to build Workwize soon after the pandemic struck, as they hypothesized that the future of work would be hybrid in a post-covid world. A bet that paid off.  

The founding team is composed of individuals with complementary backgrounds and skills, but what impressed us the most was the level of maturity showcased by the whole team in combination with their bias for action. With a customer base comprising of companies including a large listed company, one of the Netherlands’ fastest growing scaleups and one of the fastest growing Fintech’s in the Netherlands, Mollie, Workwize has demonstrated their ability to create a product that their customers love. With the >500k funding from Graduate Entrepreneur, ASIF Ventures, angels and other informals, Workwize is set on to improve their product while expanding on their sales and customer success operations.

We’re proud to partner up with these three awesome companies and are excited for our journey ahead!