October 4, 2022

New Pre-Seed investment: XOsight

We are proud to announce our newest Pre-Seed investment in XOsight!

Inventory counting in large warehouses can be a slow, mistake-prone and tedious process. Companies lose a lot of money and a lot of valuable time, while possible mistakes may cost the company client engagement as well! Luckily, our newest investment XOsight offers a machine-based solution for this monotonous task.

XOsight automates this process by equipping mobile platforms, such as forklift trucks or drones with their embedded camera technology that enables them to intelligently understand their surroundings through localizing themselves in warehouses. With this solution inventories can be precisely counted and checked without direct human interference. This not only ensures decreases time spent counting, but also increases employee safety since no heavy lifting equipment is needed to count the inventory manually.


About XOsight

Founder Michaël Ozo started XOsight after realizing the potential for drone technology in warehouse management during his time at a leading drone development lab in Delft. After developing the technology, XOsight started some successful pilots and the company is currently busy applying the solutions to applications in the logistics field. XOsight will use the funds of Graduate Entrepreneur to help rapidly scale their solution and convert their sales pipeline.


 “Our vision technology enables mobile embedded devices to understand theirenvironment which has broad applications in robotics, inventory counting is just a start!” says Michaël Ozo