May 25, 2022

New pre-seed investment!

Fltr: Sacha Bloem (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Daan Vermunt (co-founder KeyWI), Federico van Eijnatten (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Donald Martens (co-founder KeyWI), Sam van Houten (co-founder KeyWI)

Online marketing seems to be getting more and more important to scale businesses. An important factor in scaling is increasing your website visibility on Google and getting more website visits. This is where search engine optimization comes in to organically grow website traffic. ‘’The best place to bury a dead body is page 2 of Google’’ - Sam van Houten, CEO KeyWI.

About KeyWI:

KeyWI is developing an AI-powered digital marketing assistant for small and medium sized businesses globally. KeyWI generates easy to understand tasks to directly grow your business by creating content and advertisements both organic and paid visibility in search engines. With KeyWI's current Search Engine Optimization tool, digital marketing agencies save over 80% of their time on keyword research and can start creating content directly. KeyWI is currently being used by 30+ digital marketing agencies already providing data-driven insights to optimize their search engine visibility.

Why we’re investing:

The team of KeyWI has shown the potential of their product by attracting a growing number of customers while also improving the quality of their insights. With the focus on the ease of use of the AI assistant we think a lot of companies can benefit from the insights KeyWI provides to increase sales. Current KeyWI users are very happy with KeyWI and never finish their analysis without:

"No keyword research leaves our agency without using KeyWI. Due to data-driven insights & time saved by automation, our clients are growing faster than before" – Tom, Head SEO at Yonego

Let’s build a great future together and keep up the good work Sam van Houten, Daan Vermunt and Donald Martens!