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Facilitating connections for startups to accelerate their business.

"I am expanding to the US, can you help me with contacts that can make me understand the US market better?"

"I am seeking introductions and insights related to the construction industry. Can anyone assist or discuss this with me?"


Strategic coaching for founders with a focus on both personal and professional development.

"I believe I need to pivot my business model, but I want to discuss this before making such a significant decision."

"I'm struggling with time management and prioritization as we scale."


Discuss and solve specific business challenges with a trusted expert.

"How do we properly execute an employee equity program?"

"I'm ready to fundraise, but how can I ensure I make the right decisions?"

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Let your internal vision, motivation and ambitions drive you. Be persistent, focused and don't let external circumstances hinder!

Ruben Verkuijl

Founder Interim Valley

A business plan will, of course, never turn out the way you predicted it, but it definitely helps you and your team to make one, if only to make sure you are all aligned.

Hadewych Cels

Partner Karmijn Kapitaal

You have to be the biggest optimist that life can be because you have to wake up every morning and say yes I can do this! But you also have to wake up every night and be scared shitless of what can go wrong.

Coen van Oostrom

Founder Edge

Think big, focus on finding a balance of doing the right things and doing things right, and use your network!

Annemarie Haverhals

Associate Partner


Make sure that in your business plan your product is not only well defined, but also think of how to sell it. Who is my client and how will I reach that client?

Joost Romeijn

Founder Sunweb

Do one thing everyday that scares you.

Sheila Struyck

Venture Partner NBI Investors

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with ;-)

Mathijs Gast

CEO and co-founder Ciphix


Don't let anybody kill your dream.

Saskia van Walsum

Executive Coach, Informal Investor, Supervisory Board SPAR Holding

The client will notice nothing of your vision but will notice your execution!

Pieter van Doorne



Alexander Collot d'Escury

CEO Bruynzeel Storage Systems

If you're in full control, speed up. Balance profit with 'Karma Entrepreneurship'. Trust your strength and develop both business and market.

Alexander Kist

Co-founder and managing partner NewSkool

1. Niet geschoten is altijd mis. 2. No gain without pain.

Alexander Ribbink

General Partner at Keen Venture Partners


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Michaël Ozo
Founder & CEO XOSight
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Arend van de Stadt
Founder Eagle Vision Systems

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