March 22, 2022


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Fltr: Marleen Ruigrok (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Jelmer Hendriks (co-founder Savvy), Tijmen van den Elzen (co-founder Savvy), Sacha Bloem (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)


About Savvy: 

Frustrated by the fact that plastic bottles disappear into the trash after sole use and unnecessary ingredients are transported, Tijmen and Jelmer founded Savvy. With their water-soluble tabs, it is now possible to make your own cleaning products and hand soap instantly at home, in your own reusable bottle. Savvy uses natural ingredients to create highly effective, concentrated cleaning products. So concentrated even, that their tabs fit through your letterbox! No more transport of unnecessary water and other ingredients, while guaranteeing similar quality cleaning power, which has been extensively tested and approved by the customer. In addition to Savvy’s initial products, they are now also offering laundry and dishwashing capsules. We are thrilled to work together with Savvy and help them make a sustainable impact.

Interested? Make sure to order your starter package on their website now! Savvy is furthermore looking for a helping hand in their content creation. Are you interested in the field of marketing & branding and eager to learn what it is like to be part of a fast-growing startup? Have a look at their post on the Graduate Entrepreneur Job Board.  

‘Graduate Entrepreneur helped us tremendously by matching us to a marketing & branding expert in their network. The knowledge and guidance from this mentor were unbelievably valuable as we were struggling within these fields at first. Access to Graduate Entrepreneurs broad network hugely accelerated the growth of Savvy!’ - Tijmen & Jelmer, founders Savvy

Founders: Tijmen van den Elzen & Jelmer Hendriks

Why we’re investing:

Plastic waste is a long-discussed topic. However, it is only 9% of this waste that is actually being recycled. Tijmen and Jelmer form a passionate team that wants to ensure that everyone can contribute to a better environment in an easy and accessible way. We are thrilled to work together with Savvy and help them make a sustainable impact. A simple solution, with a meaningful impact.