April 5, 2023

New Pre-Seed Investment: Soundcell

Check out our newest Pre-Seed investment!!

The Delft-based startup Soundcell is developing a new diagnostic device capable of antibiotic resistance testing within hours rather than days. SoundCell’s biosensor is a cutting-edge innovation that drastically improves the sensitivity and speed compared to the available antibiotic sensitivity testing technologies that could revolutionize the way doctors prescribe antibiotics. To accurately measure the vibrations of a single bacterium, SoundCell uses membranes made of graphene - a substance consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms . By utilizing the extremely sensitive properties of graphene and the biological processes in bacteria, SoundCell determines whether a bacterium is still alive (vibrating) after administering an antibiotic.


Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern worldwide, and finding faster and more accurate ways to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics against bacterial infections is crucial. This is where SoundCell's innovative graphene technology for single cell resolution antibiotic sensitivity testing comes into play.


SoundCell's cutting-edge technology represents a significant step forward in antibiotic sensitivity testing, providing unprecedented levels of sensitivity and speed compared to existing technologies. By reducing the current antibiotic sensitivity timeframe from days to hours, SoundCell’s technology could not only ensure correct administration of antibiotics, but it also significantly reduces hospital stays. This could have a tremendous impact on the lives of countless individuals worldwide who suffer from bacterial infections.


Founders Aleksandre Japaridze and Irek Roslon both were also involved in research within the TU Delft where the technology was discovered. The impressive results also published in Nature Technology.


Graduate Entrepreneur has invested 75K additionally to the 350k from UNIIQ together with Delft Enterprises. The founders will use this financial injection for the further development of the prototype that will be used and tested in a hospital and to conduct additional clinical research. After showcasing the technology to hospitals, the first thing they heard was: “Put a box on it!” and this is very promising.


We are looking forward to working together with SoundCell on their journey to fight antibiotic resistance and hopefully be clinically relevant startups!


Excited? Check out their website: soundcell.nl