September 9, 2022


Check out our newest pre-seed investment!

Fltr: Youp van t Hoff, Berend van Gaart, Nathalie Cohen, Amé Al-Rawi and Nienke Beetsma

The Amsterdam-based startup Satelleat allows users to compare food delivery services in order to have the best possible ordering experience while also helping delivery services to reduce their customer acquisition costs. Through Satelleat, people can see which food delivery service suits them best when ordering a meal. The platform shows which delivery services are affiliated with a restaurant and allows visitors to compare these services based on price, time, service costs and discount codes. This saves people money, time and effort - especially in cities with multiple active food delivery services.  

Founder Amé Al-Rawi comments, “With Satelleat, customers can take full advantage of this competition and always choose the option that is most favourable to them. At the same time, delivery companies can reduce their customer acquisition cost in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. Co-Founder, Nathalie Cohen adds; “This is a win-win service that simultaneously empowers the service provider and the end user”.

Satelleat has shown great traction since its inception, by signing multiple delivery services to the platform and finalizing their pilot in Amsterdam with impressive metrics. Right now, they just moved to both Rotterdam and Haarlem as well. The dealteam is also excited by the founding team of Amé and Nathalie: their enthusiasm and spirit for Satelleat is highly contagious and the steps they have made since Satelleat started have been remarkable.

Graduate Entrepreneur has invested 75K in a total round of 500K together with parties such as early stage investor Antler. The founders will use this financial injection in order to scale internally and externally by starting to operate in five cities in the Netherlands while improving their platform and data analytics.  

We are looking forward to working together with Satelleat on their journey to scale the first real-time food delivery service platform to the entirety of Europe and beyond!  

Excited? Check out their website: