February 21, 2023

Our new Pre-seed investment: Eyk

We are excited to announce our investment in Eyk!

The Rotterdam-based startup Eyk is a data platform designed for performance marketers that offers a solution to the common data engineering challenge. Eyk is a truly a new way to power your marketing insights. Manually preparing and combining your data from various sources is time consuming and unreliable and therefore blocks marketers from adding true value to their businesses. With the Eyk platform marketers can automate the extracting, loading and transforming of their data flow and leverage pre-built data models in the process. By doing so, you can spend more time driving value from your data analytics.


About Eyk

Eyk started out as a spinout from Alain Odijk’s (CEO) and Bart Lammers’ (CTO) time at Label A, an agency that builds creative and innovative solution. During their time at Label A they noticed two market trends that led them to create Eyk. Combining data used to be quite a challenge but has become easier in the past years and presenting data through dashboards has become extremely easy these days. These two market trends led to Eyk’s idea of wanting to fill the gap that exists between data integration and dashboarding while providing valuable insights. Alain and Bart’s goal is to spearhead a new category of data solutions and provide business users with true control over their data.