January 14, 2022

Pre-seed fund invests in sustainable startup Loop!

Fltr: Jurriaan Rutten (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Allard van Hamersveld (employee Loop), Bob Hendrikx (founder Loop), Nienke Beetsma (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)


About Loop:

Loop is a biotechnology company that created the Loop Living Cocoon, a living coffin that feeds the earth instead of polluting it. The Living Cocoon is made out of mycelium: the root network of mushrooms. Mycelium has the power to ‘compost’ the body efficiently, remove toxic substances and produce rich conditions for trees and plants to grow. This way, the body becomes completely one with nature, forming a basis for new life. From graveyard to forest.

Founder: Bob Hendrikx

Why are we investing:

Bob Hendrikx is an inventor, architect and bio-designer. He strives to recover the current parasitic relationship between humanity and its environment, by expanding the horizon of human imagination and exploring living materials. In 2021, Bob won the Philips Innovation Award and consequently ended up in our network.  With the 75K investment in Loop, we help the company make an impact in the conservative, polluting  market of funerals. The traditional burial and cremation process is quite unsustainable. Toxic chemicals from the embalming, burial, and cremation process leak into the air and soil while exposing funeral workers to potential hazards. Besides this, maintaining the crisp, green memorial plots is very land-and-water-use heavy. Up until the arrival of the Living Cocoon, there was no option to decompose with a positive footprint. Bob, CEO of Loop: “Our goal is to create a worldwide brand to realize a global sustainable impact and enrich the soil that is currently being polluted.” With the investment, Bob is building a strong and committed team around him.

Check out the video in this article from CNN where Bob explains what he does!

We are very proud to have Loop in our portfolio and we are looking forward to pursuing this journey together! For more information, see the LinkedIn of Loop.