May 19, 2022


We are super excited to announce our newest Seed investment in GetEase!

Fltr: Tess Kruyt (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Maurits de Cler (founder GetEase), Ilona van Wegen (founder GetEase), Marleen Ruigrok (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)

The current on-demand revolution driven by the ever-increasingly busy lives of the modern consumer has now reached the lifestyle services sector. The new platform GetEase makes it possible for hairdressers, manicures, masseuses or personal trainers to now come to your doorstep with just a single click, within a matter of days or even hours.  

The platform has shown amazing traction already, with well over 100 service providers signed on, and a stable, loyal customer base within Amsterdam. Having validated the MVP, GetEase is launching 2 user-friendly and scalable apps to fully cater to the needs and demands of both clients and service providers. The first allows users to seamlessly book their favourite services to the comfort of their own home, and the second offers service-providing freelancers a plug-and-play solution to grow their business into the digital world.

There is a clear shift in what consumers expect and demand. As they struggle for time, convenience is no longer a luxury, but has rather become a necessity.Data from their pilots in Amsterdam shows that the modern consumer prioritizes the date and time over the exact freelance service provider. This is only made possible by the guarantee of quality that GetEase provides to its customers.

But, it's not just the rise in consumer demand that is growing the industry. The marketplace model also perfectly ties into the wants and needs of the service providers. The lifestyle service sector is overwhelmingly dominated by freelancers, who comprise over 60% of the space’s workforce. GetEase is the plug-and-play platform for these service providers to expand into the digital space, helping them not only to find new clients but also with the backend of their core business. Think anything from insurances, accounting support, brand partnerships, finding the right equipment, to certifications.

Ilona comments: By setting up real partnerships and adding more value than just new clients, we believe that we can build sustainable working relationships with our freelancer service providers for the long term

The 700K round is a co-investment with APX, an early-stage VC backed by AxelSpringer and Porch, ASIF Ventures, Apex Labs and a handful of prominent Angel Investors. GetEase will use this capital injection to further grow in Amsterdam, and to launch in Rotterdam later this year.

We are looking forward to working together with Ilona van Wegen and Maurits de Cler in continuing their adventure in becoming the leading on demand services platform in Europe.  

Excited? Make sure to check out their brand video below!