November 30, 2022

Our new Pre-Seed investment: Stippl

The mission of Stippl is to disruptively change the way people plan their travel adventures.

Founders Luuk Verhoeven, Robin van Rijn and Omar Sheshtawy have had annoying experiences while planning trips. From excel-sheets to endless tabs open in their browsers, they decided this had to change. The founders being travellers, innovators and product-builders at heart, Stippl was born. Stippl integrates all travel steps, from finding transport to discovering accommodations. All of it, by offering a beautiful, user friendly and easy shareable experience to their users.

Next to planning, inspiring is also a key element of Stippl. Stipple offers ready-to-go travel itineraries in order to inspire or get inspired by fellow adventurers. In addition, Stippl explores the region you are going to and provides an overview of things to do so you can explore them per destination. By saving trips you make in a nice and clear overview, you can exchange tips & tricks and share your journey with friends and family and be part of a great travel community. ‘Planning is where the travel starts’.

Interested about planning your journey with Stippl? Check out their website here!