February 15, 2022

NEW Pre-Seed Investment in GYMSTORY

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Fltr: Gilles Schreuder (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Michael Fahim (co-founder Gymstory), Lars van der Wal (co-founder Gymstory), Mathieu Wernsen (co-founder Gymstory), Youp van 't Hoff (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)


About Gymstory:

The startup Gymstory was founded by Lars after he experienced difficulties when picking up running and fitness. While his running progress was easy to track through apps such as Strava and Runkeeper, a similar solution was unavailable in the gym at the time: people had to manually track their weights and repetitions. After teaming up with Mathieu and Michael, the company Gymstory developed a hardware sensor that is able to measure these variables.This sensor is compatible with all gym machines without hassle due to its design. Furthermore, the corresponding application allows users to review their training results by offering them in depth workout analyses, helping them improve their training sessions.


Founders: Lars van der Wal, Mathieu Wernsen & Michael Fahim


Why we are investing:  

Lars, Mathieu and Michael are a passionate and complementary team. While Michael and Lars studied in Amsterdam, Mathieu finished his studies in Delft, leading to backgrounds in mechanical engineering, cloud computing and business administration. All founders have experienced the problem they are now solving and are therefore passionate about making a change in this field. Gymstory offers an adaptable solution which is therefore easy to scale up to different gyms. The investment from Graduate Entrepreneur will be used to improve the product technology and scaleup production.