December 13, 2021

NEW Pre-Seed Investment in startup Rapidemic!

Meet our new investment and why we are investing! We are extremely excited to partner up with Rapidemic and look forward to our journey ahead!

Fltr: Sacha Bloem (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Eugene Golov (co-founder & CFO Rapidemic), Violette Defourt (co-founder & CEO Rapidemic), Aman Urazov (researcher Rapidemic), Givani Boekestijn (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Jurriaan Rutten (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)


About Rapidemic:

Rapidemic is developing a point-of-care test that is able to accurately diagnose infectious diseases on the spot. Normally, quality diagnostics require laboratory facilities and equipment. Rapidemic wants to bring these applications directly to the patient without needing laboratories by offering a testing device that is able to accurately diagnose infectious diseases (such as COVID-19) in minimal time.

Founders: Violette Defourt, Eugene Golov

Why are we investing:

Violette and Eugene are two extremely enthusiastic entrepreneurs which we met after they had shown great competence by winning the Rough Diamond Award, the early-stage league of the Philips Innovation Award. They were team mates on a project in Leiden during the international iGEM, which was the beginning of Rapidemic. Rapidemic acted on the current COVID-19 situation: tests were not readily available, resulting in weakened healthcare systems, ravaged economies and millions of people losing their jobs. Rapidemic is developing a solution to prevent similar future situations with a new technology that is inexpensive, equipment-free, and more accurate than existing rapid test kits. Furthermore, the Rapidemic test can be adapted to new pathogens and can be scaled up quick, allowing testing to start quickly after an outbreak. Violette, CEO of Rapidemic: “With the 75K investment from Graduate Entrepreneur Rapidemic is able to continue the development of our innovative technology to bring highly accurate diagnostic tests to patients who need them. Besides that, Graduate Entrepreneur has a very useful network from both people with an entrepreneurial background and people with an investment background!’’

We are excited to partner with Rapidemic and look forward to the journey ahead!

For more information, see the LinkedIn of Rapidemic.