June 22, 2022


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Fltr: Sacha Bloem (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Samy Andary (co-founder Crescent Med), Lisanne van Dijk (co-founder Crescent Med), Youp van 't Hoff (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur)

There is a strong worldwide need to efficiently scale up surgical care. However, current medical education is limited by the physical limitations of the apprenticeship method, where students closely try follow their professor during surgery. This method has been the standard for around 400 years, meaning that even though society is changing rapidly, education remains local. Crescent Med aims to tackle this problem by creating a scalable digital solution that enables efficient sharing of educative content from the surgeons first person’s perspective in the operating room. With their first product, the Crescent Vision Live, a dual-camera headcam and livestreaming service for surgeons, the company wants to make healthcare education more accessible by connecting experts to learners.The Crescent Vision Live aims to record and live-stream a surgeon’s perspective to students, co-workers, or medical specialist for use in education, training,or proctoring from anywhere across the globe.

About Crescent Med

Crescent Med started out as a spinoff from founder Samy’s thesis project. After exploring several potential market fits, he found medical education to be the most suitable. In 2019, the team expanded to deepen the focus on medical education. Currently, Crescent Med is validating different business development strategies while closing their first client deals.

We are very excited about our cooperation with Crescent Med and can’t wait to help with the future endeavors of the company!