February 8, 2022

NEW Pre-Seed investment in AUTO-PILOT!

Find out more about our latest investment in Auto-Pilot!

Fltr: Philip Mossman (employee Auto-Pilot) Gilles Schreuder (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Thom Trentelman (co-founder Auto-Pilot), Philip Weijschede (co-founder Auto-Pilot), Youp van 't Hoff (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Cees Krijgsman (co-investor Auto-Pilot)


About Auto-Pilot:

Auto-Pilot provides a solution for companies working with large amounts of unstructured text documents by offering a SaaS automation platform specialized in working with all kinds of text files such as emails and PDFs. The labeling of data on their platform, allows users to create Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, helping them to classify and extract relevant data. In other words: companies are able to process their text documents easier and faster!

Founders: Thom Trentelman and Philip Weijschede

Why we’re investing:

Within the next five years the market for Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) driven solutions will rapidly expand. Auto-Pilot is on track to become a key player when it comes to developing solutions involving Natural Language Processing (NLP). Their no-code user-first approach already puts them ahead of the competition in a still very young market. The founders bootstrapped towards the current product and our investment will help them to expand their development and marketing team to grow their userbase.

We are very proud to have Auto-Pilot in our portfolio and we are looking forward to pursuing this journey together! For more information, see the LinkedIn of Auto-Pilot.