December 21, 2021

Graduate Entrepreneur invests in Y Combinator startup Orderli!


About Orderli:   

Orderli is revolutionizing the hospitality sector with its QR order & payment solution for bars and pubs with seamless integration with existing cash register systems (POS systems). Orderli allows guests to order online (without an app) by scanning the code on the table. The platform thereby ensures that hospitality businesses can work with dynamic menu cards while staff can serve more customers in the same time frame, resulting in higher revenues.  

Founders: Dorus van den Oord, Sven van der ZeeMaurits Franken

Why is Graduate investing:   

Dorus van den Oord (CEO & Co-founder Orderli) did not understand why there was no tech solution for restaurants and bars to address long ordering times. He decided to develop such a product himself together with Sven van der Zee and Maurits Franken. This resulted in the three of them founding Orderli in 2020. Orderli is already being used by hospitality businesses cross Europe. 

Graduate Entrepreneur will invest €75k with which Orderli is able to expand the team, develop a marketing structure and set up partnerships. However, we are not the only ones who believe in this promising start-up. One of the largest accelerators in the world, Y Combinator, is investing in Orderli as well. The Silicon Valley-based accelerator has experience in helping companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb and Twitch scale. Dorus: ‘’Y Combinator knows all the mistakes these well-known companies have made and can now help Orderli to skyrocket. Y Combinator helps us to grow fast because we can ask for advice on any problem that we have.’’  

Orderli's traction is growing rapidly, they have processed more than €5M worth of orders since launching and have recently been selected as one of the most innovative Dutch companies of 2021 by the Chamber of Commerce. The company has also gained a lot of international traction, for example in Portugal.  

We are excited to partner with Orderli and look forward to the journey ahead! 

For more information on Orderli, check out their website.

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Fltr: Dorus van den Oord (CEO & Co-founder Orderli), Sven van der Zee (CTO & Co-founder Orderli), Federico van Eijnatten (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Maurits Franken (CCO & Co-founder Orderli), Boyang Pan (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur), Sacha Bloem (dealteam Graduate Entrepreneur