April 18, 2023

BASH: The Ultimate Social App for Event Discovery and Connection

We are excited to announce our new Pre-seed investment in BASH!

BASH is the innovative social app that allows users to post, discover, and attend events with ease. In a world where no single platform aggregates your favourite public events and your friends' attendance, BASH fills the gap. Not only can you track public happenings, but you can also invite friends to private events like birthday parties, all while keeping the information secure and confidential. BASH offers an enjoyable user experience with chat functions to help you connect with fellow event attendees.

Founder Joris, a TU Delft alumnus, conceived the idea four years ago when he faced challenges inviting friends to an event he was hosting. Since then, the Amsterdam-based BASH team has grown to six members, and their app's user base has continued to expand.

Graduate Entrepreneur Pre-seed's investment in BASH is a strategic move to expand our portfolio. We're particularly impressed by the dynamic, young team behind BASH and their market traction, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. BASH's growth potential is undeniable, and we're excited about their mission to bring people together socially.

The investment will be used to develop the app further and launch marketing campaigns aimed at expanding BASH's reach throughout the Netherlands and beyond. One such campaign is the highly anticipated "FIND YOUR KIND OFPARTY" initiative, designed to create a buzz and inspire users to discover their perfect party match. Alongside angel co-investors, we look forward to collaborating with Joris, Elise, Shane, and Max in making BASH the number one app for social networking and events worldwide!

"Teaming up with Graduate Entrepreneur Pre-seed is like finding your kind of party; you know you're in for a wild ride! Their investment fuels our mission to revolutionise the social event scene, and together, we'll bring more unforgettable nights to partygoers around the globe. Let's raise a glass to the future of BASH and get this party started!" - Joris Oudejans, CEO of BASH

To learn more about BASH and join the party revolution, visit their website at https://bash.social/nl or download the app now, available for both Android and Apple devices. Don't miss out!

Founders: Joris Oudejans, Elise MolShane Koppers & Max Mijnheer