February 2, 2023

Portfolio News January

In this monthly update of our portfolio companies, we will keep you updated on what our companies are up to. Each minor or big update needs to be celebrated with our readers. This month we highlight the new partnership between Workwize and Lano and we will shed light on the joint project of Rapidemic and Gecco Biotech which is awarded for a MIT R&D grant from Provincie Zuid-Holland.


Workwize and Lano have closed a new partnership together. The aim of this partnership is to reinforce their mutual belief that securing and setting up employees for success should never be blocked by borders. 

This partnership will bring to light how Lano enables companies to tap into a global talent pool. It will provide them access to the best and brightest minds from around the world.  

Interested in Workwize and what they are up to next? Check out there website here!


Great to hear that Rapidemic has been awarded a MIT R&D from Provincie Zuid-Holland grant for their joint project with Gecco Biotech! This project is on the development of novel enzymes for improved decentralized diagnostics of sexually transmitted infections.

Interested in Rapidemic? Read more about what they do and who the founders are here on their website!