May 4, 2023

Portfolio News April

Exciting developments this month include BASH's "Find Your Kind of Party" campaign, Eyk's cross-channel analysis platform, Gymstory's collaboration with Trainmore, and Loop Biotech's upcoming product launch on May 22.

BASH marketing campaign is live!

Amsterdam-based event discovery platform BASH has launched a new marketing campaign aimed at helping people find their kind of party in the city. The "FIND YOUR KIND OF PARTY" campaign features digital ads on Instagram and Snapchat, influencer collaborations on TikTok and Instagram, and striking digital posters all around Amsterdam. The campaign aims to celebrate the diverse, vibrant, and epic party scene in Amsterdam. BASH has partnered with Momkai, SocialReblz, and Match my Brand for this campaign.

The Eyk platform is live

The Eyk platform has been released for general availability after concluding its beta program. The platform allows marketers to collect data from all their tools and channels, store it in their cloud environment of choice, and deploy data models for cross-channel analyses. The platform does not require coding or complex technical processes and is fully automated. The Eyk team aims to take digital marketing to the next level and has an exciting roadmap with new additions and optimizations. Interested users can request a demo or a free trial to experience Eyk.

Gymstory adds a new location

Gymstory, a fitness tracking platform, has collaborated with TrainMore, a market-leading gym in the Netherlands, to launch its platform at the first TrainMore gym in Amsterdam. Gymstory visitors can track their workouts effortlessly and receive instant training plans and fully digital guidance. With its second location in Amsterdam, Gymstory aims to make fitness tracking accessible to many more fitness enthusiasts. Interested users can download the app, visit TrainMore Van Wou, and start their Gym story.

Loop will be launching a new product

Loop Biotech, a biotech startup, will be launching its new products on May 22, the International Day for Biodiversity. The company is inviting interested parties to become a partner or purchase a voucher to be a part of this exclusive event. Loop Biotech has promised to reveal more details soon and has urged its followers to stay tuned for the latest developments.