October 4, 2022

Our annual beneficiary dinner!

On the 4th of October we hosted the second edition of our annual beneficiary dinner in collaboration with the Erasmus Trustfonds and Universiteitsfonds Delft.

Together with 80 entrepreneurs, donors, students, alumni from the Erasmus University, TU Delft and Erasmus Medical Centre we created a successful and vibrant evening filled with food, drinks, inspirational talks, interviews with startups and networking opportunities.

Arnout Sabbe and Rusne Sileryte, founders of geoFluxus and Amé Al-Rawi, co-founder of Satelleat were interviewed by Sandro Hubar about how they started their businesses, their recent developments within the company and provided the opportunity for them to ask their questions and discuss their challenges with someone from our network who could help them. 

Amé Al-Rawi, founder of Satelleat said: "Graduate Entrepreneur is as a safe heaven with people you can go to whenever you are struggling with something or need advice, there is always someone who can and is willing to help."

The evening was a great moment to stand still at our achievements from the last few years, to express our mission, discuss our goals for the (near) future and to connect alumni, beneficiaries, students and startups with each other.  

Thanks again to Erasmus Trustfonds and Universiteitsfonds Delft for hosting this event!