April 9, 2021

Launch Event Graduate Entrepreneur

On the 8th of April we officially launched Graduate Entrepreneur! We celebrated this with a virtual launch event, where Michiel Muller speaks with initiators and presidents of the three universities. Check out our launch event below!

Entrepreneurial students and merited alumni of Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam have established Graduate Entrepreneur, a joint initiative that will offer early-stage startups funding, network, and coaching. The new platform aims to unite existing activities and offer unique growth opportunities to start-ups in any sector. The introduction of the Graduate Entrepreneur initiative through the joint effort of students, alumni, and universities in Delft and Rotterdam will boost the local startup ecosystem and create a platform for entrepreneurial prominence.

The objective of Graduate Entrepreneur is to boost start-up activity in the united innovation cluster around Rotterdam and Delft. We do this by offering a platform that brings (student) entrepreneurs from both cities together and giving them access to a network of fellow entrepreneurs, alumni, investors, and talent. In addition, the platform will offer a wide range of supporting activities, such as facilities, events, mentoring, and financing.

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