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Our network of over 140+ alumni provide specific advice for your unique challenges via our tailored support program.


Facilitating connections for startups to accelerate their business.

"I am expanding to the US, can you help me with contacts that can make me understand the US market better?"

"I am seeking introductions and insights related to the construction industry. Can anyone assist or discuss this with me?"


Strategic coaching for founders with a focus on both personal and professional development.

"I believe I need to pivot my business model, but I want to discuss this before making such a significant decision."

"I'm struggling with time management and prioritization as we scale."


Discuss and solve specific business challenges with a trusted expert.

"How do we properly execute an employee equity program?"

"I'm ready to fundraise, but how can I ensure I make the right decisions?"

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You can't control the cards you're dealt, just how you play the hand

Alexander Stromberg

CEO & Co-founder Apolix


Don't hestitate to ask everything, there are no stupid questions.

Andrea Wassink

CEO at Enrico B.V.

Building a pilot production run is 100 times more difficult than building a prototype, but still 100 times easiers that full mass production.

Angelo Traas



Every day that we spend not improving quality of healthcare is a wasted one.

Anneke Sanderse

Supervisory boardmember Gelre Ziekenhuizen


Be driven by a strong belief in your company, not by making money on short term.

Annemieke Rijke

Directeur Innovations / CCO in en voor Retail

Think Big, Start Small, Work Hard

Anouk Kooijmans

Trainer/coach at The Creative Greenhouse

Passion and curiosity is fuel for growth.

Arco van Nieuwland

Partner at CNBB Equity Partners


Plan for success

Arend van de Stadt

Co-founder SmartEagle


Set clear and distinctive goals and spend fixed amount of time per day/week on achieving them. It's all in execution not in making plans.

Arjan Nataraj

CEO (founder) of Mixit


Arjanneke Teeuw

DGA Sardijn

Know your competitors' strengths and prices. Clearly highlight your product's benefits and quantify its monetary value for customers.

Arthur Schoof

Maritime Professional at Schoof Maritime Advisory (SMA)

Dare to ask for advice!

Barbara van Hussen

Partner at JB Law

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Supporting alumni

"It’s always inspiring to spend time with founders really pushing complex and impactful technologies forward."

Arend van de Stadt
Founder Eagle Vision Systems
Portfolio founder

"It's great to see that Arend's expertise can guide us in refining our technology into a scalable product and grow our organization with it."

Michaël Ozo
Founder & CEO XOSight
Supporting alumni

"The ambition from BASH is great to see, being a part of their journey as they scale is something I’m already enjoying."

Merlin de Graaf
Founder BLOOM
Portfolio founder

"Merlin was a great help! Thanks to her B2C-specific expertise from her time at Vinted, she quickly understood our challenges, which lead to substantial progress in just one meeting."

Elise Mol
Co-Founder BASH
Supporting alumni

"It's truly inspiring to see these young entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams. I'm actively contributing to bring focus to their sales processes wherever I can."

Tom Schoemaker
Business Development  Bonusan
Portfolio founder

"Tom has a strong B2B sales track record, he was able to quickly pinpoint improvements and missed opportunities in our sales approach."

Dorus van den Oord
Co-Founder & CEO Orderli

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