July 1, 2021


Workwize is a procurement platform for home office supplies. Its platform empowers employees with the choice of customization, offers full transparency for the employer, and helps suppliers create new revenue streams effortlessly.

Why we are investing:

Workwize was born to support and accelerate the transition to a hybrid work environment and the company is a perfect example of the innovativeness and boldness of young individuals. Sebastiaan, Michiel, Victor and Dirk decided to build Workwize soon after the pandemic struck, as they hypothesized that the future of work would be hybrid in a post-covid world. A bet that paid off.  

The founding team is composed of individuals with complementary backgrounds and skills, but what impressed us the most was the level of maturity showcased by the whole team in combination with their bias for action. With a customer base comprising of companies including a large listed company, one of the Netherlands’ fastest growing scaleups and one of the fastest growing Fintech’s in the Netherlands, Mollie, Workwize has demonstrated their ability to create a product that their customers love. With the >500k funding from Graduate Entrepreneur, ASIF Ventures, angels and other informals, Workwize is set on to improve their product while expanding on their sales and customer success operations.

We are excited to partner with Workwize and look forward to the journey ahead!