New pre-seed investment in startup Fusion Engineering!

Fusion Engineer develops drone control systems designed to move drone technology forward by applying novel flight control to ensure safety and reliability. The company has built innovative flight control algorithms and software platforms to ensure accurate positioning, disturbance rejection, and fault-tolerance, enabling users to get a powerful flight controller platform to make drone flying reliable.


About Fusion Engineering: 

If it is up to Fusion Engineering, in the near future it will be possible to deliver your pizza at your doorstep or even maintain rotor blades of wind turbines remotely by using drones. The true challenge to be able to legitimate conduct these drone flights is to develop the right flight controller. The flight controller can be seen as the brain of every drone that is combining a motherboard, processors, and drone-specific software.

Developing the smartest flight controller will mean that you will comply with the SAIL 4 certification, allowing to legitimate perform high risk level of drone operations. ‘’While drone hardware has come a long way over the past decades, we realized that software development has been lagging. That’s why we are developing drone flight control systems from scratch. With our flight controller, drone flights will become much safer and more reliable, meaning they can be certified to fly above urban areas and be able to withstand adverse environmental conditions offshore. By focusing on meeting the new EU regulation at the highest level, we allow all types of drone applications to scale’’ according to CEO Robert Crone.

Graduate Entrepreneur is co-investing in a €700k funding round together with a consortium of angel investors. CEO Robert Crone is happy to work together with Graduate: ‘‘Thanks to Graduate, the ball started rolling in terms of fundraising, they were the first investor to commit and through them we got to know our lead investor. Furthermore, we are matched with a mentor within Graduate’s network who is exactly one year ahead with his start-up. We meet with him weekly and thanks to his young entrepreneurial experience, we get useful tips and the guidance we need in the current phase of Fusion Engineering’’

This funding round allows Fusion Engineering to complete their prototype flight controller for the commercial drone industry, validate it with selected development partners and launch it commercially. Earlier this year the protype flight controller showed some very promising performances. During a test, Fusion Engineering's flight controller proved against its nearest competitor that their Fusion Reflex control system caused seven times less disruption to the test drone's flight path from wind gusts.

Founders: Robert CroneMara Bos