March 9, 2022


Quantware accelerates the advent of the quantum computer. The company designs, develops and fabricates hardware to enable quantum computing.


About QuantWare:

Delft based QuantWare, launched in July 2021, is the world's first commercial supplier of superconducting quantum processors. It lowers the cost of building a quantum computer by orders of magnitude by making large scale quantum processors available to all. The core technology of QuantWare allows for the creation of very large processors that will be able to provide quantum advantage in the near future.

QuantWare originated at QuTech, a research facility established by the TU Delft and TNO, renowned worldwide for its Quantum research.

Founders: Alessandro Bruno, Matthijs Rijlaarsdam

Why we are investing:

QuantWare has a strong and balanced founding team: CTO Dr. Alessandro Bruno, who has 10 years experience in creating hundreds of quantum processors (including those of Intel and the DiCarlo lab at QuTech) and is one of the leading superconducting chipmakers in the world, and CEO Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, who has a background in quantum information theory and strategy consulting. Moreover, QuantWare's broader team is filled with world-class talent.

Quantum computing is the new frontier in computing, with expected market potential of $65 billion in 2030. Quantum computing opens up a whole new world of massive computing potential for solving problems that current computers cannot solve.

QuantWare has an unique 3D chip architecture which solves scaling bottlenecks and allows for the creation of extremely large quantum computers. QuantWare sells its QPUs and peripherals to a fast growing number of quantum computer makers. Graduate invests -amongst others- alongside, Quantum Delta, UNIIQ and Google Quantum Supremacy paper author Rami Barends. The investment of Graduate will be used to further develop the technology and expand the team. Graduate is excited to support QuantWare in its further growth and future.