July 1, 2021


Clickdrive is a data-driven marketplace platform for driving lessons, where students can compare, choose, and book their instructor(s) in three clicks in a trusted, safe, and transparent environment.

Why we are investing:

We believe Clickdrive is a perfect fit for Graduate Entrepreneur. Clickdrive offers a disruptive, transparent, flexible, and efficient solution for the driving school industry. The government and the industry acknowledge issues in the current outdated industry for both students and instructors. Clickdrive already passed the MVP phase and has a highly functioning platform, with massive traction. Clickdrive has one of the strongest and diverse entrepreneurial teams we have seen so far. These facts, in combination with a highly preferred first mover advantage in Europe, we are more than happy to play a part in their journey. Graduate Entrepreneur’s investment and coaching will help Clickdrive optimize the app/platform, accelerate marketing and sales, and become a leading player in the driving school industry.

We are excited to partner with Clickdrive and look forward to the journey ahead!