November 1, 2022

Portfolio News October

In this monthly update of our portfolio companies, we will keep you updated on what our companies are up to. Each minor or big update needs to be celebrated with our readers. This month we highlight the expansion of Loop to Austria, our GENIUS NY 2022 finalists: Fusion Engineering and the product launch of Gymstory!

Loop Biotech

AUSTRIA GOES GREEN! Our portfolio company Loop Biotech is expanding abroad, achieving a first in Austria. Together with Austria's largest funeral home, the 'living coffin' is now available to everyone in Austria. A super milestone in Loop's mission to enrich the earth worldwide!  

Loop was also in Dutch news two weeks ago with their 'living coffin'. How exactly the coffin works and why it is good for nature explains CEO and founder Bob Hendrikx in a short video by  


Watch the video and learn more!  

Fusion Engineering: GENIUS NY 2022 finalist

GENIUS NY is the world’s largest business accelerator competition focused on uncrewed systems, IoT and big data startups. GENIUS NY award $3 million to the five startups in the 2022 GENIUS NY accelerator cohort; the grand prize is $1 million while the four remaining startups receive $500K. Each team will get five minutes to tell their story – who they are, what problem they are solving, how they plan to scale, and why they want to do it in Central New York.


Fusion Engineering will use the GENIUS funds to expand their engineering team to accommodate for the expected growth, in order to align their technical capacity with their commercial outlook. Additionally, with a large portion of their anticipated customer-base being in North America, they will invest in setting up an entity in the United States as their first step towards addressing the global market’s needs as well!


Read their full Q&A!


Gymstory: Product launch

On the 11th of October the Graduate Entrepreneur Team attended Gymstory's product launch. The launch was held at the exclusive Clubsportive gym in Amsterdam, whose clients were the first to elevate their workouts using Gymstory's equipment. The evening was filled with friends, family, gym members and partners in order to celebrate the official launch of Gymstory's app, which went live that day. We want to congratulate Gymstory on this impressive milestone and cannot wait to see their future progress, both in and out of the gym! ;)


Download the Gymstory app!