February 23, 2021

DeNoize bags 200K funding from UNIIQ

Past participant of the Philips Innovation Award DeNoize bags 200K funding from UNIIQ

DeNoize bags 200K funding from UNIIQ

Today, Hassan Charaf, Head of Innovation at Royal Schiphol Group, published that DeNoize receives 200K funding of UNIIQ, a 22M investment fund. UNIIQ supports DeNoize to further develop and validate its noise cancellation technology for homes and offices with the investments. Besides that, it lets UNIIQ expand its startup portfolio in the Delft region.

With the growing population worldwide, more people live in, or near, major cities. Air traffic and the noise nuisance generated by busy highways have caused excessive noise endured by people living in urban regions. This leads to almost a million people who are seriously hindered by noise pollution in the Netherlands alone. In Europe, 31 million people suffer from the ill-effects of outdoor noise. DeNoize, a Delft-based startup and finalist of the Philips Innovation Award in 2019, resolves this vital problem with its smart window technology.

According to DeNoize, it aims to launch the first prototype of its smart window with noise cancellation in collaboration with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In 2022, DeNoize will penetrate the consumer market with its windows to make them commercially available.

Aman Jindal, CEO at DeNoize states: “The UNIIQ investment allows us to gather strong technical and market validation for DeNoize technology. This will enable us to implement our system in a real-life pilot by 2022. Until then, the technology needs to be developed further, which is why we are happy to raise investment in this stage.”

Hans Dreijkluft, fund manager of UNIIQ, added to this: “In many cases, it is difficult for young entrepreneurs with disruptive innovations to raise funding at an early stage. Therefore, we are proud to offer this opportunity so that starts can take the first steps towards proof-of-concept, and thus one step closer to the market.”

Do you want to know more about DeNoize? Go to https://denoize.com/

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