September 26, 2022

Join the Philips Innovation Award 2023 journey!

Hand in your startup one-pager NOW and win up to €500 cash!

Join the Philips Innovation Award 2023 journey!

💡Do you have a greatstartup (idea)? 💡


The Philips Innovation Award is the largest student-entrepreneurship award in The Netherlands intended for students and recent graduates (up to 3 years ago) who want to accelerate their startup or startup idea. The program allows you to get feedback from experts, take part in multiple coaching days and meet the Philips Innovation Award’s partner network to find your first investor or launching customer.


Hand in your startup one-pager NOW and win up to €500 cash! Before entering one of the two leagues with your business plan (deadline 20 January), the one-pagers are part of the optional first stage of the Philips Innovation Award and serve as a valuable first feedback point. Graduate Entrepreneur will analyse your one-pager and provide feedback on it from an investor’s perspective.


The one-pagers are non-obligatory for participation in the award. You can sign up for the actual competition by handing in your business plan until the 20th of January, the business plan registrations open after the one-pager deadline, on the 1st of November.


Sign up here and hand in your one-pager before the 1st of November and have a shot at our prices:


1.    The best idea receives €500 cash;

2.    2nd best receives €400 cash;

3.    3rd best receives €300 cash;

4.    4th best receives €200 cash;

5.    5th best receives €100 cash 


Important note here is that we make sure your idea remains your idea. Everyone will sign a non-disclosure agreement.