May 4, 2021

Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked - PODCAST: episode 2: Access to Capital

This article was originally created by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship.

ECE is excited to announce that🎙️ Episode 2 of our Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked podcast series: 🔗  ACCESS TO CAPITAL 💶  is officially available! 🎧  

Martin Luxemburg dives into the funding landscape within innovation ecosystems for #startups and #scaleups with Rinke Zonneveld (Executive Director of InnovationQuarter) and Gianluca V. (VP Marketplace Operations at HousingAnywhere | Venture Advisor at EQT Ventures | Founding Partner of Great Stuff Ventures)

The speakers engage in fascinating discussion about the importance of access to capital within an innovation ecosystem. How should startups and scaleups navigate through the complex capital landscape? We unpack these complexities in this episode and address not only the availability of capital in an innovation ecosystem, but also how accessible it really is. Machtelt Groothuis (founder of Rubio Impact Ventures) and Iris Skrami (founder of Renoon) also joined in with thought-provoking questions for the speakers 👀