February 12, 2021

Erasmus Startup Programme Alumni DeNoize improving the future of real estate with its smart windows for smart homes

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CEO and co-founder of DeNoize, Aman Jindal, joined our startup programmes in 2018 when the company was initially founded. Since then, the team has expanded, the technology has won multiple awards and the tech startup has successfully secured an early-stage investment. We are proud to share the latest achievements of our startup programme alumni DeNoize in this news update.

What makes a window ‘smart’?

DeNoize transforms any glass window into a smart system to cancel out the outdoor noise in real-time. Think of noise cancelling headphones, but for buildings which can offer up to 90% reduction in the transmitted noise. The technology improves the acoustic insulation of flat glass products, without adding any extra weight or materials, making it cheaper and more effective than the existing solutions, for example thicker glazings or glass with acoustic laminations. The smart windows can sense, filter and amplify certain outdoor sounds that building occupants do want to hear (e.g. birds, rainfall, etc), keeping them acoustically connected to their outside world.

Tackling noise pollution by making windows acoustically effective

RIVM concludes that a million Dutch people are affected by noise from cars, trains, airplanes and windmills, which leads to serious health issues like sleep disturbance and heart problems. To deal with this, the founders of DeNoize developed an innovative solution to tackle noise pollution with their smart window system in 2018. In the same year, Aman Jindal, CEO and co-founder of DeNoize joined our startup programme class of 2018.

“If you think of your idea as a seed, then the Erasmus Startup Programme would be the pot in which it will first sprout… I don’t think I could have ever built the network that I have now if it wasn’t for the programme and its mentors – adding true value to our startup.”

– Aman Jindal, CEO and co-founder of DeNoize.

Since then, they have partnered with Royal Schipol Group in an effort to tackle noise pollution around Schiphol airport. By conducting research to gain insights into the perception of aviation noise by local residents and how it affects their health, DeNoize’s mission is to improve their quality of life by giving them the control of their indoor acoustic environment. It is not surprising that shortly after this launched, they won the Accenture Blue Tulip Awards Living & WorkingCategory 2020 (see image above) and the Academic Startup Competition 2020 (see image below). On top of this, they received an investment of €200k from UNIIQ last month! Today, the startup has a team of 18, with ECE Students‘ president of of 2019/2020 Cailin Greiner on board as the Digital Marketeer.

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