November 27, 2020

Entrepreneurship Tour 1: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (Merlin de Graaf & Charlotte Melkert)

Several times each year, the Entrepreneurship Tour is organized. The Entrepreneurship Tour is an event where one or two successful and inspiring entrepreneurs come to speak about their business story. How did they once start as an entrepreneur? What has been the key to their success? Which challenges did they face as entrepreneur? Under the guidance of a host, these questions and much more are being answered during the Entrepreneurship Tour. The evening often has an overarching theme.

The first event of this year was all about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Charlotte Melkert (Equalture: AI-based hiring software) and Merlin de Graaf (Bloom: data-driven consulting) were the guest entrepreneurs of that night. The Entrepreneurship Tour is hosted by Wouter van Haaften.

Note: the video below is in Dutch!