November 18, 2021

Application Deadline Validation Lab YES!Delft

Multiple times per year, YES!Delft organises the Validation Lab. The ultimate opportunity to validate the idea you have for your startup. Information in this insight comes from YES!Delft.


You have a clear business idea and technology, now it’s time to validate your idea and find your market!

By participating in the Validation Lab, you acquire the right skills, receive an extensive toolset, and start tackling the biggest challenges you’ll face during the whole lifecycle of your startup. Joining the program allows you to validate your business idea, talking to many customers, and find your Problem-Solution Fit. In addition, you will learn about different aspects of starting and running your business, e.g. legal, funding, pitching, and team.

The Validation Lab is open for complex hardware and digital startups in our focus areas Deep Tech, AI, Blockchain, CleanTech, Robotics, Aviation, MedTech and Social Tech. We help first time founders and experienced entrepreneurs that are looking to find the right customers and market and want to benefit from the mentors and experts in our ecosystem.

The application deadline is September 22nd:

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Strengthen the foundation of your startup and accelerate traction in the market!

You have founded a tech startup, built a prototype or MVP and have some initial traction in the market. Now it’s time to strengthen the foundation and accelerate traction. We’ll help you to focus on the essential next steps to build a company with a scalable, profitable, and repeatable business model.

After the kick-off weeks, you can join tailored workshops, masterclasses, and 1-on-1 expert sessions on topics such as personal & team development, strategy, marketing & sales, finance & funding, legal & IP, and HR. 

As a YES!Delft startup, you will have regular check-ins with experienced serial entrepreneurs and ongoing access to our services and support from our ecosystem of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, mentors, experts, corporate and service partners, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs. YES!Delft takes zero equity in supporting you to become a genuinely scalable, innovative tech company.

The application deadline is September 24th:

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