May 12, 2022

Masterclass: International Funding

Masterclass about funding for startups and SME companies in Life Sciences and Chemistry.

Nino Bellengé, Managing Director at MedScaler and Gijs Langkamp, Health Innovator are organising a Masterclass.

Looking for (inter)national funding? Attend the International Funding masterclass by MedScaler on Thursday May 12.

MedScaler will give an engaging workshop which will provide the necessary tools to navigate the international funding landscape. After this workshop, you will know your way around different types of investors and know how to select the right one for you. In addition, you will understand the differences between US –  and European investors. You will understand what a cap table is and how this is affected by a new investor. Several exercises will make sure the knowledge will be put to direct use. Finally, there will be plenty of time for Q & A.