December 1, 2022

Lunch Lecture x EESA

On the 1st of December we will host a Lunch Lecture at the Erasmus University in collaboration with the Eastern European Study Assosiation (EESA)

About EESA:

The Eastern European Students Association is an official student association recognised by the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Our main goals are to unite all the different Eastern European cultures and integrate them into the Dutch society. We have members from all over Eastern Europe as well as members from outside Eastern Europe that are simply interested in our cultures. We exist out of 5 committees: Marketing, Career, Social, City Trips and Creative.

The Lunch Lecture:

During this Lunch Lecture, two inspiring founders will share the exciting story of what it is like to walk a mile in the shoes of an entrepreneur.  A delicious lunch is included for free. More information will be available soon.

The lecture will take place from 12.30-13.30

Registrations will soon be open!