April 12, 2022

How to Biodesign #23: CO2 absorbing materials

CO2 absorbing materials: a claim that more and more producers connect to their product. Most of the time this refers to a product’s entire life cycle, but can it also be circular? Various designers, scientists and entrepreneurs work on such materials. And in this meet-up we higlight two of them: one made from longlasting wood, and the other made from a fast-growing crop.

Climate crisis asks for regenerative design. With the meetup series How to Biodesign, BlueCity Lab provides a platform for and by bioneers (pioneers in biodesign). Together with various hosts we explore the opportunities from a systemic approach to raw material flows, making smart use of the latest knowledge and expertise about circular design, but also from biotechnology and biochemistry.

The monthly meetups facilitate interaction between bioneers who are already working and those who want to get started with biodesign and biofabrication, provide a platform for sharing stories and experiences and actively share knowledge, know-how and insights from the meetups to a broader audience.

This month’s speakers

Natasja Hulst is a systemsthinker and doer working on first of all reclaiming the commons, redefining ownership and use of land and natural resources second, strengthening the ReGeneration through biomimicry and ecological restoration and third, achieving carbon drawdown using existing solutions. All doughnut proof! She is the host of this meetup and will invite her network to discuss how to organize the economic and ecologic system around CO2 absorbing materials.

What to expect

✱ An interactive meetup where we share inspiration, knowledge and know-how on a monthly theme

✱ A small group of people/bioneers: every guest has the possibility to contribute

✱ A chance to dig into the expertise of fellow bioneers.

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