November 23, 2022

Funding Case x Integrand

During this case you will get a feeling about what an intership at a startup is like and try to discover the weaknesses of a startup, taking the position of a VC.

About Integrand:

Integrand strives to be the most professional student network in the Netherlands. Intergrand achieves this by connecting the ambitions of highly educated students and companies in a personal and accessible way. They stimulate students by offering various opportunities to develop themselves in preparation for their careers.

About the Case:

During this exclusive case from Graduate Entrepreneur you will get a feeling what it's like to give feedback to startups about their proposition.

This mid-day case will take place at the Erasmus University in the Polak pak building

Room: 2-22

From: 13:45 until 16:00

Registrations will open soon!