April 19, 2022

For the Founders: Employee Stock Option Plans

A masterclass for founders of startups.

As a startup, you are participating in the war on talent. An important weapon for winning this battle is the use of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Together with KPMG Meijburg’s Emerging Giants Team, we are organizing a masterclass about ESOPs.

Whether your startup is currently just you and your co-founders or you hired your first employee(s) already, this masterclass will set you up with everything you need to know to about these plans, allowing you to attract and retain top class talent that can play a crucial role in the growth of your startup. The masterclass will also tackle the dilution of your own stocks due to various funding rounds and the use of ESOPs.

The masterclass will be given by Wouter de Win & Diderick de Roy van Zuidewijn. After the workshop, cold beers will be ready for us and the KPMG Meijburg team.

Employee incentive plans and incentivized founders after funding

For various reasons, such as employee involvement and competitive payment packages, startups and scaleups are applying employee incentive plans. These plans come in various forms and are, when used correctly, fitting the objectives of the company whilst being tax efficient. But nowadays incentive plans are not only applied for employees, in the market we see that also after funding rounds, founders are provided with an incentive plan to soften the effect of dilution. During this workshop we will discuss the various employee and founder incentive plans as applied in practice, the considerations to take into account when designing such a plan and the tax implications. We would like the workshop to be as interactive as possible, so please share any questions you might have before or during the workshop, enabling us to provide the most value for your time.

Hosted by KPMG Meijburg – Emerging Giants Team.

Signing up is possible if your startup is in our network, join our network to be invited!