March 21, 2022

Find your Co-Founder day

Have you been looking to join the founding team of a startup? Join us on the 21st of March!

This year’s 30 PHIA semi-finalists and GraduateEntrepreneur startups have indicated that they are looking for students andgraduates that can make a difference with data and have an entrepreneurialdrive, like YOU! 


Past participants of the Philips Innovation Award (PHIA),such as Felyx and Lightyear, have grown to be successful scaleups that arechanging the lives of people with their innovative solutions. This year'scohort and the startups from Graduate Entrepreneur are making their way to dothe same. If you join these fast-growing companies at an early stage, you willbe working in a dynamic environment while being in the driver’s seat, allowingyou to shape the future of the company.


Graduate Entrepreneur and the Philips Innovation Award areorganising this day to connect motivated students with the most innovativestartups of The Netherlands. This Find Your Co-Founder Day will be hosted atErasmus Center for Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam on the 21st of March. The daywill take place from 14:00-17:00 and will be free of charge. Afterwards, wewill also have beers together. Drinks on us!


The day will consist of pre-matched speed-dating rounds,during which you can get to know the startups and their founders. Is there amatch? Then you might consider a trial period at the startup to see whether thesynergy works out in practice. If the fit is right, you can become part of thestartup’s management team and you might even obtain some equity!


If you want to join this day, go to this link and signup:


Startups that already signed up for the day(registrations are still open):

• Aletta

• Circularify

• Filmmate

• Glimp

• Gorespyre

• Rapyt

• Revolvspace

• Teachbuddy

• Vertgreen

• VP Studies

• Weco

• Yourdesq