May 23, 2022

Finance Academy

Online workshop by Leapfunder

Need some investment and financial advice for your startup?

In this two-hour training, you will get all the financial knowledge you need. You will learn how to:

  • Use convertibles
  • Structure different equity classes
  • Set up debt safely (if you must)
  • Read a shareholders' agreement and/or an investment agreement

The training is fully gamified in the form of a monopoly game. So by the end of two hours, you will have some real experience making financial decisions yourself.

The workshop has proven to be very helpful to many startups:

'Even though many of us may have looked like blank slates, I'm definitely much better informed than I was before. Truly one of the most worthwhile workshops I've attended. Thank you for doing this.'

'The training is very effective because of the gamification and direct feedback.'

'A great training, very easy to comprehend. The best part was the delivery. Loved it!'

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