April 5, 2022

Exponential GovTech - NL GovTech Hub Meetup #8

Are you a GovTech startup, investor, policymaker, innovation manager, or government innovation evangelist? Better join us here...

There is a GovTech Innovation Hub emerging in The Netherlands. In the past months, a growing community of partners has contributed to a variety of conversations, meetings, and post-covid drinks.

At the core of our movement, we carry three questions. How can we contribute best to the most citizen-centric government innovation in The Netherlands? How do we leap forward as a trustworthy data nation? How do we experiment with system change? And there are still numerous side notes and remarks we are contemplating while working towards the start of our first proper innovation programs.

Practical, experimental, daring and living lab. These are the kinds of words people use when they dream out loud about the innovation programs they long for in this community.

Let’s make this tangible.

On April 5, 2022, we will gather again. With international speakers, practical interaction, and a special spotlight on startups and their investors. We present new partners and prepare the next steps. Make sure you are there!

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